No sound from the external speakers

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how come there's no sound from the external speakers when i'm trying to play an audio cd? the speakers were properly connected to the computer and is on but why there's still no sound?

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No sound from the external speakers



The problem is with your connecting cable if there is no technical problem with the speakers or the audio CD. You can connect the cable to multiple connections. You should verify the color code of the connections.

So try to select the right one. You can also change the audio CD and insert a good one. There may be problem with the speakers if audio CD is running well and your connecting cable is connected properly with your computer.

Then try to trace out the problem with speakers connected to your computer. Dust, loose connection, short circuit to your speakers may cause this problem.

I hope you understand it.


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No sound from the external speakers


If there’s no sound though it is properly connected to your computer, check if you have already installed your sound card’s driver. Most of the motherboards nowadays have built-in video card and sound card but even if they are already included in your board, you still need to install their drivers for them to work and function correctly.

When you install Microsoft Windows, your board’s built-in video card will immediately start functioning though you haven’t installed its driver yet. This is because the operating system itself includes its own generic video driver which lets your video card work with basic and limited functionality. Using only the generic video driver from Windows, your video card is limited only to that screen resolution.

You cannot increase the screen size. You need to install its driver to allow the video card to do its full functionality. Unlike the video card, your built-in sound card will not function and will stay like that until you install its driver. Windows doesn’t have a built-in audio driver for your sound card.

You need to install your sound card’s driver to make it work and produce sound. The driver for your sound card should be included in a CD that comes with the package when you bought it. You can also download it from your sound card manufacturer’s website using your web browser. Until you install it, you will not be able to hear any sound.

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