No sound from Audio port on Red Hat Linux

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I got a desktop running on Red Hat Linux and so far it's running fine except for the audio. The rear audio port of the system works fine, there is sound but if I use the front audio port, there is no audio. I am thinking of using Alsamixer, but I am not certain if this is indeed the solution. If I use Ubuntu Solutions, will it work on red Hat?

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No sound from Audio port on Red Hat Linux


Hello Ron

If the rear parts of machine are working fine then the sound card is working fine. Then the complication of Operating systems is ruled out. Most probably the issue would with the connections inside the box. Generally, you would find the front side ports, but they are disconnected from inside. So do the following

(a) Disconnect all the peripherals from your CPU

(b) Open the CPU.

(c) The wire from the front port should be seen running to your motherboard.

Most of the times you would see them terminating on some pins on the mother board. If they are connected, then you should call your hardware support. If they are not connected study your mother board and make the appropriate connections.

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