No Sim Card Inserted Error After Updating to iOS 5

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Since the release of the Apple’s newest iOS 5, I was very eager to update my iPhone 3G S hoping that I can get a better feature and performance on my iPhone. After updating exaggeratedly, I started receiving an error in iTunes stating that there is no sim card inserted. The sim card is present even after performing the update. I did not do any jailbreaks or anything on my iPhone even before the update. I tried to use other card to no avail. What should I do with it? How can I restore my iPhone to the settings before the update? Kindly please help me. Thanks.

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No Sim Card Inserted Error After Updating to iOS 5


Hi Alijah111,

There are many reasons why this problem occur. The problem could be your sim card, the software and settings in your phone after you updated it or the hardware/device itself.

Here are some resolutions I made so you can get work your sim card again on your phone.

1. The sim card itself.

  • If you are getting this error, try to take out the sim card for a couple of seconds and turn it back again, if that doesn't work put a scotch tape or a double sided tape at back of your sim card to fit it more tightly in your iPhone. Turning on Airplane mode for few seconds and turn it off can also solve the no sim card error. 

2. A software problem can be the cause of the error.

  • A hard reset could do. Just Press Home + Sleep button until your device shutdown. After that, go to  Settings>>General>> Reset>>Reset Network Settings. However, if that doesn't work either try "Reset All Settings."

3. A hardware failure.

  • If the problem still occurs when doing all the above resolutions, the only thing you can do is go to the nearest Apple store (or call Apple customer service and ask the nearest Apple store nears you) and they will replace it with a new one. There are many users of iPhone claiming that when they report their problem to Apple store, their device got replace instead of a fix. Apple said that it is a hardware problem so no fix or repair for it, only replaced.






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No Sim Card Inserted Error After Updating to iOS 5


To solve this problem just perform the steps:

1. First of all connect the iPhone to Mac with iTunes.

2. Next remove the SIM Card.

3. Set the iPhone in “DFU” mode.

4. Click on “RESTORE” in iTunes.

5. Until finished wait few minutes.

6. After finishing the phone boots it will appear “No SIM CARD”, don’t do anything.

7. Just set the SIM Card in the top SIM Card slot.

8. After putting SIM Card your phone will activate automatically.

That’s all, and enjoy now!

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