No Sim Card Detected after iOS 5.0.1 Update

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After updating my iPhone 4G to iOS 5.0.1, I am seeing a no sim card message. I tried to remove my sim card then insert it back. Luckily, it works! But there are times that the message is still appearing. I want to know if there’s anyone here who has the same problem. If so, how did you able to manage it? I need help.

Thank you.

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No Sim Card Detected after iOS 5.0.1 Update


Hi I am perceive to share with a method to temporarily avoid the "sim activation" display. 

1. Press "home" button.

2. Choose "emergency contact".

3. Type in 911.

4. Contain the "lock/power" button until this says glide to strength off. 

5. Pick terminate. 

6. On the top of display monitor it'll point out "tap here to go returning to contact" select it.

7. Conclusion phone and you will be inside your iPhone unless you locking mechanism it. You are able to do whatever you want demur obtain apps audio electro convulsive therapy. Go on wireless local area network as well as you can proceed firefox and also these kinds of. 

To the apple company: I'm really disappointed within side you and also the particular code update. Right today I have A paper weight :/ trying to figure out how the **** I can activate that. My partner and my spouse and i actually don't need to have the iPhone. My partner and my spouse and i actually just put it to use since my iPod device and because of this I cannot. 

Oh and i also purchased the iPhone off my personal friend for 30 dollars since my own ipod device snapped in half due to my sister. Therefore my partner and my spouse and i actually suggest making a new micro code which allows you to choose the actual choice of either using the iPhone being a "itouch" or a great iPhone. 

That will help many individuals happy plus more ready to judge the particular "We inclination" since it looks extra consumers avoid the actual "We disposition" simply since they tend to be constrained. But hit the americium.

I to say that Maybe this particular new micro code that enable some to pick iPhone being itouch or perhaps iPhone; leading presently right now generally at this time now certainly, truth be told furthermore in that respect currently so here to become a major increase in net income. 

Due to an issue in the 5.0.1 micro code where you must trip iPhone with Sim card even if your own utilizing it as a possible iPod. And also picture exactly just precisely the way pleased consumers is going to be relating to this improvement, and when individuals are happy they will tell pals and house about this and that is what's likely to make the actual key profits.


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No Sim Card Detected after iOS 5.0.1 Update


There are various possibilities to that problem and some of them are:

  • The upgrade that you did might just have 'fried' the SIM card, and therefore you might need to get another SIM card to replace the one you had.
  • As workaround to that problem, you may want to do an OTA update, and then try the following:Go to the iphone and then turn off the WI-FI.

    • Next you will need to turn off the iPhone, and then you will remove the SIM card and reinsert it.
    • And the  you will turn on the iPhone and the turn Wi-Fi back on.

-Clair Charles

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