No ROM basic system halted error.

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No ROM basic system halted error .No active partition has been defined in fdisk, hard disk drive not setup properly, or hard disk drive is bad.

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No ROM basic system halted error.


This error normally comes when you have a faulty hard disk or your computer can't find any BOOT sector or locate any BOOT loader on your hard disk. Sometimes it gets replaced by something else and its address changes but the PC keeps point to that old address. So you have to replace that BOOT sector back to its place.

Now if you have no windows installed then install it and this error will be gone. But if you have installed windows then do the following.

  • First of all check if any of the Sata cables(usually the red ones) are de attached to hard disk or motherboard. Fix it if it’s removed.
  • After that boot from a bootable disk. I can be a floppy disk or a simple cd.
  • Make the floppy or the cd have the fdisk utility. You can get the full guide on fdisk utility and how to make a fdisk cd from here.
  • After you have set up the fdisk then go to fdisk and choose 2nd option to set the active partition and select that drive in which you have your windows installed and make it as an active bootable partition. This will solve the issue.
  • If doing all other things doesn’t resolve your problem then I think that your hard disk is damaged and you have to replace it.
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No ROM basic system halted error.


Fdisk is normally seen when you are working under DOS environment. If you want to set or create a new partition and you want to use NTFS, you don’t normally want to use fdisk to do this. If you seen that error when starting your computer, check if your hard drive is properly configured. I mean, if it has already a partition in it and an operating system is already installed.

Another possible reason for this error is if the partition is not active. It usually happens after creating a new partition. Normally, when creating a partition, the computer will need to restart to apply the changes and to see the new partition. But a newly created partition doesn’t mean that it is already a working partition especially if this partition is for drive C or for the system drive.

If the newly created partition is for the system drive, you need to make the partition “active” to make or allow the partition to boot. If a partition is not active and you install an operating system, the operating system or the drive will not boot. Partition for drives D, E, and so on don’t need to be set to “active” and should not be set to “active” because a computer should only have one “active” partition.

Multiple “active” partitions are only allowed if you’ll be installing multiple operating systems. Until you do this or if you don’t have plans on installing multiple Microsoft Windows, you should have only one “active” partition.

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