No Light Scribe Devices found on this system

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I have install on my PC LightScribe this error appears and cannot launch the program properly. I reinstalled the program, update the program and this error still appears. I cannot skip this error and is there anyone who can help me please to fix this one ?

Thank you !

Light Scribe Engine Error

There are no Light Scribe Devices found on this system

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No Light Scribe Devices found on this system


There is actually no problem with this error because it also happened to me. It only means you don’t have a LightScribe-supported device on your computer or the optical drive currently installed on your machine doesn’t support the LightScribe recording technology. Though installing the LightScribe application is possible but using it will not be possible. The application will not start until it detects a LightScribe-supported device.

In order to fix the problem, you need to replace your current optical drive with a new one that supports the LightScribe optical disc recording technology. It is only then that the software will work and you will be able to use it in creating and labeling different CDs and DVDs.

Also remember that, to use the LightScribe software with a LightScribe-supported optical drive, you need a recordable CD or DVD that supports LightScribe. You cannot use LightScribe on an ordinary recordable CD or DVD.

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