No channels found on display error on conversion

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I have planned to encoded some movie and put on them into DVD. The encoding process is done by the free "oldie but goody" Divx to DVD(free). Then to combine them I follow MPEG to VCR and produce a MPEG of the VOB file. And then I have used DVDPro Lab.

Every file has only one audio channel, the number of 2.0 AC3 is two and 5.1 AC3 is one in number. But I want 2.0 and 5.1 AC3 both for four. So I want the process how to convert the 5.1 AC3 to 2.0 and vice versa.

I downloaded the nxMyAC3.dll file. I can’t found the channels on the display as I want. After choose the “edit” tab and then selecting the “Convert sample format”, the channel is only then visible to me. I receive an error message when I move to the convert sample format screen and want to convert the AC3 file.(given below)
So I wish anyone can help me. Thanks a lot.

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An error occurred while converting the sample format

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No channels found on display error on conversion


Hi Wilvega,

  I recommended you to uninstall your new downloaded software because it seems like your problem was in your previous downloaded. Sometimes nxmyac3.dll is missing or you may have registry error or may have been infected by malware or virus. To uninstall the nxmyac3.dll click the "start" button and select "search" and type the nxmyac3.dll files and then write it down the file path that indicates where the file stored. Right click the nxmyac3.dll files and delete it and it will move the files in to recycle bin. After deleting the files click start again and select "Run" from the start menu and then type "cmd" and click the "run" button. Type on the command "regsvr32/u C:/filepath/filename.dll" then rename the filepath and filename on command and then press enter after you unregister the nxmyac3.dll file from your system and then the process is complete.

Hope this will help.

Gothman Pil

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