No 3G icon display even if connected to Wi-Fi

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I am currently considering downgrading to iPhone 4, if possible. Since the version 5.0.1 I am using is denying me access to some of the most basic services. For some reasons that I don’t know of, I am unable to connect to the internet even if I am connected to a particular Wi-Fi. There is still no 3G icon that is usually at the top of the screen. When I tried the social sites apps such as twitter and Facebook nothing happens, yet the other apps such as iTunes safari or mail work well. This is really strange and I don’t know what to do as I have never been in a similar situation before.

What does this mean? Is there some setting that I should change?

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No 3G icon display even if connected to Wi-Fi


Hi Carla,

Your phone will display the connection you are connected to. If you are connected to a wireless connection, then it will display the wireless icon. 3g will not be displayed as it was over written by the wireless connection you are connected to. Can you advise what happens when you try to connect to Twitter and Facebook? Is it saying that there is no network connection? Sometimes what happened is that the signal is not that good or Twitter and Facebook on mobile is having issues.

To test, you may want to disconnect to wifi by turning wireless connection off and work on 3G connection.


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