Newest Windows OS (Windows 8)

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I've heard that Windows 8, the newest Windows OS, will soon be released.

Has anybody here who actually tried its Developer Preview? Is it better than the Windows 7 version?

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Newest Windows OS (Windows 8)



Yes the Windows 8 is the latest release of the windows OS. But I am not sure is it released or going to be release. As I know they have released only evaluation copy. When windows 7 came they first release original evaluation copy of the windows 7 OS for the testing purposes.

At that time I was one of the persons who use that copy. Anyway I need to tell you something different. The Microsoft release new version of the OS due to some technical issue or due to some problem with it. But still no such a big problem with windows 7.

Most of the users among windows 7 are happy with the product. So no need of releasing new version quickly. But we don’t know what are the thoughts of the Bill Gates…..

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