The new look of faceBook?

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Hi All,

The new look of Facebook?

I heard that Facebook is coming with a new look and feel of the GUI interface? Does anyone know what are the major changes they are up to?

Can anyone give me screenshots if any available that shows the differences.


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The new look of faceBook?


It’s true that Facebook is going to change its graphical user interface; one among the new stuff is something called the ticker; it’s a stream of every activity taking place on Facebook. It is different from the traditional main feed; you will be able to specify the information that comes through your page once you are logged in.

The information presented by the ticker isn’t that different from what is in your feed. Rather, it is all the possible information that can be displayed in your Facebook feed that is if you had a few pals doing less stuff.

What I am trying to say is that, it is almost but not exactly the same as the traditional feed page, i.e. Before the face book was redesigned or introduced filters and more control.

One of the other differences between that ticker and the traditional Facebook feed is your own activities do not appear on the ticker.

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The new look of faceBook?


Facebook launched their new face and new look on their website. It has features that the old Facebook doesn't have. It simplifies the steps and it is more user friendly as I may say. Other's complaint that they want the old Facebook back because of the new look is confusing. Confusing as I may say, yes at first. Nobody is perfect during the first time. The latest feature added to Facebook is they imply to Google+ type of interface plus the video call enhanced by Skype for easy chat and video calling. The screenshots of the first comments above has it all and it explains everything about the changes. Good thing, this guy has the screenshots to provide us more information about the changes.

Well, I would say, changes are constant. You'll just need to adapt to the new features and add this to your liking. Facebook management doesn't want to make changes if it's not for the benefits of their subscribers. I would say, this is their marketing strategy to attract more subscribers and more advertisers, more money, of course.

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The new look of faceBook?


The New Face of Facebook

I’m really excited about the new face of Facebook. It’s more information but presented in a neater, more elegant way. It takes the info I’ve been sharing on a variety of sites (GoodReads, GetGlue, Netflix) and puts it all in one place.

Now, people can talk about your products in a more meaningful way. It’s not about liking Del Taco’s fan page, it’s about telling my friends that I’m having their new carnitas taco for lunch. From a marketing standpoint, that’s a much more powerful message.

The new Facebook is all about discovery and part of that is jumping in and discovering all the new parts for yourself. There’s simply too much to cover in a single post. Open yourself up to it, even if, like me, you weren’t a big fan before. I believe this new structure will open up a whole world of possibilities for the user and the marketer.

Facebook is about to change and this time it’s not about a shake-up of your sidebar or a reshuffling of how things show up on your wall. This time, the change is big. It’s a whole new way to connect with the world and share the things that are important to you.

It’s about the timeline, the ticker and a whole new series of open graph apps.

the timeline, the ticker and a whole new series of open graph apps.

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