Needs a fast clone software available

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I have an internet café with 40 units and my problem is how can I able to install them all, including drivers software in a short amount of time. What’s the process for this?

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Needs a fast clone software available


Hello Sheen,

To start this operation and finish it within a short time, you have to ensure all your network cables are properly connected. Ensuring the LED is proper illumination. If it is a new networking card you want to install then  ensure the resources of the card are properly set and not in conflict with any of the hardwares in the system. Make sure also that the necessary and proper protocol are in installation on the system. If the network uses a firewall also ensure that all the ports that you will require are opened. While booting after all this things are okay give you computers time because at times they take time to see or respond to promptings.

This way you will be able to install drives very quickly in your network.

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Needs a fast clone software available


If your internet café has forty units (40), the fastest and easiest way to install them is to simply transfer the settings from one computer to another using Windows Easy Transfer Tool. You can use this tool to transfer settings from Windows XP to Windows 7. Using the tool, you can easily transfer your user account data and settings from Microsoft Windows XP to Microsoft Windows 7.

The tool is included as part of Microsoft Windows 7 and Microsoft Windows 8. But to use this tool, the target computer or the new computer where the settings will be transferred to must already have an operating system. There should be a working system on the machine before the settings can be transferred to.

If the old computer where the files and settings will be coming from is not a Windows 7, you have to download and run the tool on that computer. To begin, download Windows Easy Transfer Tool for Windows 7. Once downloaded, run the program on your computer and just go along the steps.

When you are prompted where you want to save the data, select “An external hard drive or USB flash drive” then wait while it scans your computer. You will also be prompted if you want to password-protect your files. After the scan, save your data to your external hard drive or USB flash drive.

After that, in Windows 7, connect the external drive where you saved your Windows XP data then click “Start” and then in the search box type without quotes “Windows Easy Transfer” then select it from the result. Click “Next” then select “Yes”. Navigate to the external drive and select the file you saved. The tool will now transfer the data to your Windows 7 computer. And that’s it.

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