Need some help in networking

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Hi guys, I am new in Networking environment. Need help to create a network between two laptops via network cable,my operating system is windows 7 64bit can someone guide me on how to do this?

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Need some help in networking


Sharing internet connection between two devices like laptops or desktops requires one of them to be the host and the other the guest. To make a direct connection with a cable, please do the steps below:

  1. Go to Start, then click on Control Panel and double-click on Network Connections
  2. On Network Tasks, choose Create a new connection then Next
  3. This time, click on Set up an advanced connection, hit Next again
  4. Then click the Connect directly to another computer, and Next
  5. Now choose which of these two devices will be your host and your guest

Now once you have the connection solved, you must set up the host computer by doing the following:

  1. Click on the connection device that you would like to use whether it is a parallel or serial or infrared, then Next
  2. Grant access to your guest computer then hit Next
  3. Click on Finish

After setting up your Host, set up your Guest computer this time by doing the steps below:

  1. Type an identifying name for your connection, then hit Next
  2. Click on the connection device, and Next
  3. Choose if you would like this connection to be available for all of your users or if only for you, then Next
  4. Click on Finish
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Need some help in networking


If you want to connect two laptop computers and form a simple local area network between these two, you need to use a crossover cable instead of a usual network cable. The normal network cable is technically called a “straight-through cable” where the cables connected to each pin on one end goes straight through the respective pin on the other end.

The straight-through cable is the kind of cable normally used in local area networks where three or more computers are connected. The crossover cable is configured to work differently with a straight-through cable because in a crossover cable, the connection of some pins crosses over to another pin like what is described in the image.

Unlike with a straight-through cable, a crossover cable cannot be used in local area networks where a computer is networked or connected via a hub. The crossover cable is specifically designed to connect or network two computers. If you have a crimping tool and you know how to connect an RJ45 connector to a cable, you can follow the diagram above for proper configuration of the pins.

But if you don’t have any knowledge or experience creating such a cable, you can buy a manufactured crossover cable like the Belkin CAT5E Crossover Cable 10 Feet for like $7.41.

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