Need some help to clarify software engineering concept?

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Hi guys,i need some simple explanation about Abstraction?

“Wikipedia says it is a process by which higher concepts are derived from the usage and classification of literal concepts “

you know,that explanation is too complicated for me to understand the concept,please can anyone explain what is abstraction in simple form

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Need some help to clarify software engineering concept?



Hello my friend

I’m going to tell you the same thing that I did to my sister when she had that problem – ask some philosopher lol. Just kidding, a little to break the ice. So, abstraction, you say? I believe you mean abstraction in a Computer science? Let’s try this way: Suppose you have a car dealership, selling Ford. Ford has small cars, family cars, sports car and transport car. In everyone of that fragment Ford has some number of cars. So, did you get it? We’re going from basic (Ford), to more detailed (small cars, family cars, sports car, transport car) to even more detailed (x number of small cars, x number of family car….) So, abstraction is basically going from general, to detailed (and other way around) People use that in computer science to divide job so one guy wouldn’t do all the stuff.

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