Need safety for admin picture for windows 8.

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Hi experts

A few days ago i came to know about admin picture for windows 8. And I am little confused about it. From some website I got some data which says that this admin picture feature made the system easy to get access. Isn't it a threat to us who are using windows 8. If not please tell me how?

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Need safety for admin picture for windows 8.

Many applications will try to get your personal information and that is why Window8 put the pictures in a certain location in the system. Your information is a critical and important data that you want to hide even from your machine. Windows8 will allow you to adjust the settings and this is how you can do it:  Press (Windows) + I and go to change PC Settings, Select the privacy option and personalize the settings for your personal data.
Another solution is to create a password in the form of a picture to prevent intruders from infiltrating into your Laptop or your PC:   Press (Windows) + I and go to the settings. Click "Change PC settings" at the bottom right and go to the Users tab. Under "Sign-in options" you will be asked to "Create a picture password" button. This will give you the option to choose any picture, and then define three gestures anywhere on the image. Your gestures can be circles, swipes and clicks. Note that you will have to remember the gestures in order to submit your password. Then, you will be asked to confirm twice. Now, you have finished setting your picture password is set. 
Windows8 is safe and the users would be prevented from downloading and running malicious programs from the Internet.  Malwares will be detected by the SmartScreen filter and therefore, it is safe to use admin picture .
I hope this is helpful.

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