Need Protools corrupt header fix .

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I am using ProTools Software because it is the king of audio recording software.

But recently I have affected by DAE 9035 error and can't find the cause of this. 

So,How can I perform  Protools corrupt header fix and restore it's normal condition as early as possible. 

Please help me anyone .

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Need Protools corrupt header fix .



The ProTools DAE 9035 error can occur for so many reasons. Unsupported SCSI cards. If you manually removed audio files while a session is running. Multi channel format bouncing, also if the mixer is passing data even when there is no audio on the track.

It makes the PCI bus busier. You can mute the track to solve it. Hard drive space depleted. Make sure that you have enough disk space to work on. Its better to always have over fifty percent free space to accommodate large sessions and also defragment.

Also separate your Protools sessions to another hard drive. Check the file names of session and Protools files, there should be only the characters accepted by Protools. Avoid long names. And lastly, restart Protools or if you can, your computer, disconnecting other devices that you use in Protools.

If you can tell me what you are doing when you encounter the error and what devices you are using. We can figure it out if we have this data.

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Need Protools corrupt header fix .


Here are the solutions on ProTools DAE 9035 error:

1. Check if you still have enough hard disk space. Sometimes, the error occurs because there is no enough space on recording sound files and sessions.

2. Check if there is a special character on the session name or other ProTools files. ProTools doesn't accept special characters on its filename such as forward slash.

3. Do not use long file names on your session file.

4. Restart your ProTools software to make everything work again. Ensure that you created a back up before changing anything on the filenames and more.

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Need Protools corrupt header fix .


ProTools DAE 9035 error appears if the drive that you use for the audio is almost full. In this case, you can use a different drive that has more available free space. You may also consider defragmenting your hard drive. You can also lessen the Open Ended Record Allocation to a smaller value. Just go to Preferences under the Setup Menu and then go to the Operations tab and modify the recording allocation to 30 minutes.

Another reason is your ProTools Session has a name that is more than 31 characters or it uses an illegal characters such as exclamation points, semicolon, brackets and more or international characters such as ASCII especially when opening a Session made on Mac OS X 9, wherein forward slash is not illegal.

You can also fix the issue by upgrading to ProTools v6.4.

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Need Protools corrupt header fix .

Hello there!
DAE 9035 error confronts ProTools users which can prevent
computer programs from running as usual and can be a big problem if you don’t know
what’s causing it to happen. Here are some ways for you on how to fix and
restore the software to its normal operating condition.
1. You must check your hard disk space. It tells
that there is not enough space on the drive that you are using. If it happens
you simply need to clear some space for you to record other ProTools sound
files and sessions or just use different hard drive.
2. You need to check the file name and associate
ProTools files. If the file that you have has a character that the software doesn’t
accept, DAE 9035 error may come up.
3. Name your files by short names. Avoid using longer
names to prevent DAE 9035 error to occur.     
4. You need to Restart ProTools to get everything
to work normal again. And you must not forget to back up session files before
changing file names.


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