Need more ideas for ms access databases.

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Hi experts,

I know that each company has a particular database of its own. It can be ms access databases which means that every member can access the databases and update information. I need more ideas for ms access databases. 

Please help me anyone.

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Need more ideas for ms access databases.


MS Access is a software package that is installed just like any other package and bundled with Microsoft Office Suite.

Microsoft Office Suite






It is RDBMS (Relational Database Management System) for it is an application used to create computer databases. It can be used for gathering, storing , organizing data or all information you need. If you are familiar with the relational database design, then we can use your knowledge of Microsoft Access to store data or information across multiple tables and create queries across those tables.

Compared to MS excel what are the benefits of using the MS access? Well that depends on 2 factors;

  1. What are you going to the data or information you want to store.
  2. The amount of data to store.

MS Excel is fine for a small amount of data, and if you don’t have a lot of attributes on each piece of date you have, because if you start storing many attributes across multiple worksheets and find yourself repeating it across all the worksheets you have then it is the time you must use MS Access, for one reason is that using MS Access will be so much helpful if you need to generate lots of queries and reports.

When creating and saving a database in Microsoft Access, the database is saved with a .mdb file extension and once you have established your database, you have the option to save it in an .mde file which gives some benefits than the .mdb file.

There is a lot to learn from MS Access such as – How to create a database from scratchOpen an existing Access databaseAdd a table,Get started using your new databaseImport data from a spreadsheet or other program

I hope this will help you resolve your concern. I can say that learning MS Access database is fun because if you are not a programmer, then soon you will become one because that is where the deepest power of Access gets unleashed. And if you have a logical mind and desire to learn, all you need is a good foundation. 

Thanks and Have a great day.

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