Need to know how to boot player on pogo game

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Hi guys, you know sometimes, I don’t like the way some players in pogo misbehave especially with those who come to my room uninvited, so I need your expertise to help me know how to boot player on pogo.

Anybody knows?

Thanks for your help.

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Need to know how to boot player on pogo game


Greetings Conrad,

Pogo is a quit addictive game, sadly the fun can be "disturbed" by many abusive and misbehaving players.
I assure you in this kind of situations, you have a GOOD solution that can be used in 2 steps.

This solution uses Macros:

Step 1: Warn Once: Always warn before booting or kicking a player. You can use the Macro: Alt 1, which sends this message in the channel:
“This is a family games site, no abuse will be tolerated. Please stop or I will have no choice but to boot you. Thanks. »

Step 2: If the player doesn’t behave after the warning, you can boot him by using this macro:
Alt 2: /boot [screen name].
In case that the player’s name is hard to write (Example: wi0otanaa1o10), you can double click the screen name in the 'Who's Here' list and click "Paste Screen Name" which will put the screen name into your chat box. So, just write the /boot then “Paste Screen Name”, and Voilà! It will boot the misbehaving player.

You can have more information about Pogo Macros in the following link

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