Need to know the features of MS Word 2007

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Which among of the following option could be used for turn of the Office clipboard?

1. In the clipboard task pane, click the close button.

2. In the clipboard task pane, click on the arrow, and then on the Menu, click close.

3. Press F6 to focus on the clipboard task pane, press ctrl+spacebar, and then, using the down arrow key scroll to close & press enter.

4. All of the above.

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Need to know the features of MS Word 2007


Hi there,

What is it? I don’t understand about your problem. You said in the heading that you need to know about future of Microsoft Office 2007. Then what kind of question did you ask in the next panel. You questioned a multiple choice question and then what? Did you want to know in future those or one of those could be adding in Office control panel.

They are shortcut and they already added with Microsoft Office. All of the above can be use for turn on or off. But in future describe your problem first or at list question it clearly so that we can understand.

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