Are there Java application blocks effected on Apple?

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I have been running Java applications on my Apple machine without any issues apart from the normal application breakdowns. Unfortunately, I realized at some point that I could not run any applications whatsoever including online applications which are purely Java based. The funny part is that any other application that is built on any other language just works file. Is there an Apple Java application blocks effected? Please help.

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Are there Java application blocks effected on Apple?


Hi Harvey,

What Mac OS version are you currently using? Last January 2013, Apple blocked Java 7 on OS X10.6 and up due to a security flaw that they found.

This should have been resolved already. If you are still having problems running Java applications, you should update your Java version to the latest one available. Here are the steps:

1)      Go to Java Official website

2)      Install Java 7 update 13

If you are running on Mac OS X 10.7 or lower, you can just install the Java release provided by Apple. Simply go to the Apple menu and select Software update.

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Are there Java application blocks effected on Apple?



Yes i am with you that apple kills some java application that were built by java 6 or 7 because you are not the first one met this problem. More than one told me before this problem, they all used version 7 and 6 of java when they changed it the problem did not be found and running java application  normally without any problems, my advices to you are

– If you 10.6.8 user-using system finder and go to library -> coreServices

– Right click on CoreTypes.bundle. Choose Show Contents and then go into Contents,.

– Scrolling to the end will show Xprotec after opening resource folder and find Xprotect.meta.plist and delete it and reboot this file and get rebuilt . these changes are not permanently .

– Try to disable automatic updates from Preferences and Security panel.

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Are there Java application blocks effected on Apple?


Apple have stopped running applications based on Java programming language. This is due to some security issue and this is the second time this year. They have blocked and then unblocked Java on the most latest Mac OS versions and then recently, they also blocked it on Mac older versions which are the Snow Leopard  with Java 6 and older. The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) suggests disabling Java on your web browsers since it is providing path for intruders to take control on most computers visiting sites equipped with malicious software. The possible fix that I can advice to you is to disable Java on your browser. Let's just wait until there is a better resolutions from Apple regarding this matter before we continue using it again.


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