Need information about file transfer protocol

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I urgently require your help. I am currently operating a website that a firm hosts. This firm owns a Windows Server. Some time ago, I tried to ask their personnel in the Information Technology department information about file transfer protocol access information, they ignored the question and treated the matter as a by the way. Therefore I wound kindly like to inquire from you the way in which firms and companies whose websites are self-hosted transfer their files into their servers because I am not aware of any method other than File Transfer Protocol.

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Need information about file transfer protocol


File Transfer Protocol (FTP) allows you to download file from the web to your computer or upload files from your computer to the web. Your problem is about File protocol access information, first you should have software installed in your computer. There are software’s you can use but you will buy it, instead of buying expensive software you can also use software like FireFTP, this software is free. For more details please follow the link given.

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Need information about file transfer protocol



There are various ways to do file transfer protocols. TCP/IP is the most popular protocol for FTP (file transfer protocol). The reason for its popularity is the interaction between the receiver and sender to check if the data packets have been transferred properly. This makes this protocol extremely reliable.

List of file transfer protocols –

* Primarily used with TCP/IP

* Primarily used with UDP

* Primarily used with direct modem connections

I am pretty sure firms and companies whose sites are self-hosted use TCP/IP. 


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