Need help with using my library manager 6 6

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Recently, while using library manager 6.6 I've encountered a problem.

The program crashes every now and then.

Sometimes it says "not responding" and sometimes it freezes overall.

Is this problem about my pc or in the program itself?

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Need help with using my library manager 6 6


Hi Christy,

Library Manager is a complete solution for all library needs for the books can be arranged and easily managed once you installed this software. There are possible reasons why the library manager keeps on crashing, these are:

  1. Multiple process has been running in your computer. You must be aware of the number of programs that are running simultaneously. This may result to slow performance of your computer thus affects the program itself.
  2. Program crashes are due to programming error  but sometimes it is due to hardware or operating system you're using.  Therefore you must make sure that your operating system are always updated.

Hope this help you in your dilemma.

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Need help with using my library manager 6 6


Hi Christy E Olson,

Did you mean, "iTunes Library Manager 6"? The primary requirements that you must have before installing the iTunes library manager are:

  1. 1GHz intel processor
  2. 512MB RAM
  3. Windows XP or later (for 32Bit)
  4. Windows Vista or later (for 64Bit)
  5. 400MB Disk space
  6. Broadband for faster download

Take note that all of the requirements are above is the minimum requirements so don't go below the requirements. It will cause you error or crashing failures.

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