Need help regarding website sitemap

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Hello guys ,

I am new to SEO,

I have heard about good sitemap helps to SEO optimization is that right 

If so please explain me how sitemap help to SEO optimization

Thank you

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Need help regarding website sitemap


Good sitemap helps to SEO optimization there is no doubt and you have heard the right one sentence. Sitemap allows search engine to know about the content of your website or blog. Search engines may not find out all the articles or contents of your site while crawling.

And again search engines sometimes failed to determined content type i.e. image,video etc. You might have learnt that the first term of appearing a page on search results is to be cached by the search engines first.

So if your articles or contents get missed by crawler or search bot then your site will not appear on search engines.

But sitemap helps search engine to crawl and index maximum contents. Sitemap try to put all content to search engines but it is up to the search engines whether it will do index or not.

Sitemap notify the search engine as soon as there is a change occurred in your site and the search engines come back to check and crawl your site.

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Need help regarding website sitemap


Site map is a graphics or textually organized model of a web site’s content. Site map allows users to navigate through the site to find the information they are looking for. It is similar to a traditional geographical map that helps people find places they are looking for in the real world.

A site map is a kind of interactive table of contents where every listed item is linked directly to the corresponding section of the web site. It has the same function as with the layout maps in large shopping malls. Without it, you can still explore and navigate through the site by trial and error.

But if you want to make sure to find what you are looking for, the most effective way is to consult the site map. If a web site is small and less complicated, a site map is probably not necessary. Normally, site maps are organized hierarchically breaking down the web site’s information into increasingly particular subject areas.

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