Need help with my display resolution

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I have a problem with my wide LCD display from my PC. It's a 21.5 inch Horizon model 2204LW5 and in it's manual and on the box it is written that it can support a resolution of up to 1920×1080.

After i connected it to the pc, it doesn't recognize the fact that it is wide and i only have 4:3 resolutions up to maximum of 1600×1200. My graphics card is an ATI HD 5670. I've reinstalled the drivers and everything.

The graphics card has hdmi and dvi and the monitor has only a dvi port so i linked them with a dvi – vga connector and a vga-vga cable. In addition to all this, after i set it to 1600×1200 the image is distorted.

Can you help me please?

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Need help with my display resolution


Hello there,

This is because neither your Operating system nor Display drivers have identified the Monitor correctly. Normally modern Monitor vendors issue a CD with the settings or an application to help the OS and drivers to identify the monitor features correctly.

I think you have got that CD, if not go to vendor’s site and check for it. Installing that Application will solve this problem in most cases. If not you need to update the graphic card driver to a latest version. Also do an update for the OS. AS ATI HD 5670 is a high end graphic card it will support your Monitor via DVI anyway.

Use the DVI connector and a cable to connect the monitor and System which is essential for such a resolution. Also ensure that your Power Supply unit is capable of delivering the power requirement of the Graphic card.

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Need help with my display resolution


This is due to your video card as video card defines that how you will see data on your computer screen and it is designed to show all info to screen. If your video card supports these resolutions then you can apply it on your monitor. Anyhow you can check your LCD screen resolutions mode any time it is easy to check.

You just need to go to monitor settings and then go to screen resolution settings. You will see all supported formats there these include not only input from your computer but many other inputs as well.

In your case it looks like you have not proper video card and that's why it is not supporting your monitor. Try your monitor on another computer and you will see that it will work fine with the second computer. So don't be worry your monitor is working properly but you can change the video card for better result in your desired format.

You can buy a external card also for this reason and it will work fine in this condition. External card is plug and play device and supports most resolutions. Also you can choose one that supports your monitor.

Michal Joran.

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