Need a brief idea about M-commerce and difference with E-commerce

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Hello, I need some answers about the following
What kind of products and services available in M-commerce? What is the main goal of M-commerce? How is it differing from E-commerce? What are the Location-based services in M-commerce? Is there any customer support like Live Support? What are micropayment services? Thank You

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Need a brief idea about M-commerce and difference with E-commerce


The product & services which have a limited & precise choice, predictable availability, convenience are available in M-commerce. A mobile friendly shopping environment is the main goal of it. The main difference is easy to use accessing your mobile device. PDE, MPC, GIS etc. Yes, M-commerce has facilities like Live Support. You can learn about Micropayments here.

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Need a brief idea about M-commerce and difference with E-commerce


Happy to support you!

  • The use of wireless & handheld mobile devices such as mobile phones and laptops for commercial transactions, related to goods and services, online is known as M-commerce or Mobile commerce.

  • These transactions continue to expand further and the term includes a wide range of products and services like-
  1. Mobile Money Transfer
  2. Mobile ATM
  3. Mobile ticketing
  4. Mobile vouchers, coupons and loyalty cards
  5. Content purchase and delivery
  6. Location-based services
  7. Information services
  8. Mobile Banking
  9. Mobile brokerage
  10. Auctions
  11. Mobile browsing
  12. Mobile purchase
  13. In-application mobile phone payments
  14. Mobile marketing and advertising
  • Location-based services of M-commerce uses the information about the location of the mobile phone user or of any m-commerce transaction. This knowledge about the location of the user allows for location-based services like,

    • Local discount offers
    • Local weather
    • Tracking and monitoring of people

  • And of course, about 64% of Mobile Shoppers Expect Live Support Chat, which is a wide spread feature presently.


  • The difference between E-commerce & M-commerce,



  • Micropayment is an e-commerce transaction which involves a very small sum of money in exchange for a good or a service. Usually, this "very small sum" ranges less than 75 cents and even can be a fraction of a cent. But this requires a special type of system since the transactions are too small to be feasible in credit card usage.
  • Recent micropayment systems include,

    • Flattr
    • M-Coin
    • Zong
    • PayPal


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