My Xiaomi Mi6 That Cannot Detect My SIM Card

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My Xiaomi Mi6 that cannot detect my SIM card, I keep getting SIM card error, help me fix this issue.

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My Xiaomi Mi6 That Cannot Detect My SIM Card


Firstly many of us who have encountered this problem must have thought of it as a hardware issue, but it turns out that it’s related to software. Something seems to be causing a conflict as the device attempts to read and switch between SIM cards in use.

This problem can be caused by a faulty SIM card too; changing the SIM can also help in this case.

They also imply a damaged component on the phone. This type of issue is most likely to occur if you happened to drop or wet your phone, and Symptoms of hardware damage will show up eventually.

Here are some generic solutions; users can also feel free to troubleshoot errors in your device.

re-insert SIM card

  •  Power off your phone completely.
  • See the SIM card for any signs of corrosion.
  • Place the SIM card back
  • Reboot/force reboot Xiaomi MI 6
  • Press and hold the Power button for a few seconds.
  • After 30 seconds, power on the phone.

Remember a forced reboot is often necessary when your Xiaomi phone becomes unresponsive.

If you are sure that your phone has no physical or liquid damage and is still prompting SIM card errors, then it’s a more trivial software problem on the phone which could be due to the presence of malware or system bugs that hinder the phone from working as expected.

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