My windows is not opening any application or software

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When I want to run Google Chrome, WinRAR or other software in my PC, it shows me an error message like this:

“The Application was unable to start correctly (0x000007b).

Click OK to close the application”.

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My windows is not opening any application or software



The difficulty might be caused by outdated Shortest X drivers. These drivers are from Microsoft and they standardize the video display and vocalize on your organization. Mostly games numerous software's also use the drivers. It is eventful to update the Candid X drivers, as any mistake leads to errors equivalent to the one you are encountering due to incompatibility.

To update the Direct X drivers on your computer, download the latest drivers.

Modify & chose the latest drivers. After download follow the steps and restart your machine. Your applications should work now.

Through X drivers are also available with Computer Feat CD's and the newest drivers are available, downloading them from Microsoft website is the main thing.  You need to be certain, you are downloading the right version of drivers. If the problem persists after completing the above activity, 

Please let me know .

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My windows is not opening any application or software


Is the actual blue screen error 0x7b or is this just from an error window within the operating system, wherein the operating system does not crash after giving you the error message?

If it's the blue screen error, it means it can't access your hard drive which could be a problem with your sata/ide controller/s.  One of your computer's drivers or you may have a virus in your machine that's causing it. Update all your computer's drivers. Try using a different hard drive and see if it has the same problems. Try using a different hard drive controller on your motherboard. Run a security scan on your machine.

If it's an error, just within the operating system, it could be caused by, a virus or it could be an operating system corruption in itself already. Run a security scan on your machine and make sure all files have been backed up, you may need to reinstall your operating system.

Also, disconnect yourself from the internet, uninstall all your security software and see if that takes care of the problem. Just have them reinstalled afterwards.

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