Wrong authentication with protocolWTFast shows error

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Hello trouble shooters,

I recently updated the Wtfast and it went well and good. But all of a sudden I am facing this error. The error states that ‘wrong authentication protocol’. But I am using the latest version of Wtfast. I installed it from the authorized official website. What might be the problem? Your help is great. Thanks.

Wrong authentication protocol.

Please make sure that you are using the latest version of [email protected]

If the problem will persist please contact [email protected]

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Wrong authentication with protocolWTFast shows error


Too bad there seems to be no solution to this. Found bunch of complaints similar to this on the WTFast forum page but the support personnel doesn’t suggest any solution on how to fix it. It seems that the real cause of the problem is really from the server or on their part because all they say was that it is only a temporary problem and should be fixed any time soon.

This problem doesn’t only happen on free trial accounts but on premium accounts as well and they can do nothing about it except wait until it is fixed. So it is really obvious that the problem is on their side and not on the client program. It is also possible that when there is too much traffic or the server is experiencing a heavy load of traffic from users, it is likely that this error will happen.

It is an authentication problem so that means the server has a problem logging you in to the system which is maybe due to many users logging in to the server simultaneously. If you receive this error, just wait for a few minutes and then try again. If you are using it like during peak hours or at night, I think it would be best to shift to a different time like during day time where there are few people on the network.

In case you are using an old version, download the latest version from Download WTFast Gamers Private Network.

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