My USB ports are not working, how can I repair them?

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I am having some troubles with the USB ports on my Desktop PC. Some days ago, while I used to using a flash drive on that ports, it was not working properly. After restarting the operating system, it began to work. I faced this problem for several times and I used to solve this problem by restarting the pc. But this time I have got a serious problem that these ports are not working anymore and this problem is not being solved by restarting the PC. I tried every possible solution to my PC. But I got failure.

To solve this problem- Firstly, I tried on both Front and Rear panel ports of my CPU box. But all the ports were same and no USB device was working on these ports. I reinstalled the USB 2.0 driver on my system. But this problem remained as same as past.

After that I reinstalled the operating system (XP) on my pc. But I didn’t get any good result. Then I tried on the Bios setup menu at the first screen. I turned all the settings to Default on bios menu. Again I got failure. I tried every possible setting on my PC control panel. But I didn’t get any good result.

My Desktop PC’s motherboard model is- Gigabyte 81845GE-RZ (-c) and I bought it about 4 years ago. I use the operating system “windows XP, service pack 3”.

I think there should a way to solve this problem. So, what is the procedure to repair my USB Ports?

Every body knows about the importance of the USB ports on a PC. Now a days there hardly a computer device which does not have any USB connectivity. Please help me to solve this problem. I am really having difficulties in using my pc. I will be very pleased after getting the right procedure.

Thank you very much.

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My USB ports are not working, how can I repair them?


If your computer is not recognizing a peripheral device such as a mouse or speakers first shut the computer and turn it back on. When a computer is starting up it immediately starts searching for connected components. If your USB port is not recognizing an item this might be the problem.

You can also search for your driver online to see if updates are available. Sometimes computers that are not relatively new need updates on their drivers. To do this on windows open the startup menu. Click on control panel devices. Next you should click on the device manager. You can choose the driver that you want to update. Just right click on it and a list of options will come up. Double click on “Update”.

If you have Windows you can use the trouble shooting option to help you with the problem. Just open the windows start up menu and then search for the troubleshooting option. Select hardware. Most other operating systems have troubleshooting programs as well. These often detect the problem easily and give you prompts to search for solutions online.

If this still doesn’t work uninstall the driver for the specific device and then reinstall it. To do this go to the control panel and find the driver you want to uninstall. Follow the prompts then use the disk that was given with the device or search for the driver on the web to reinstall it. This will actually allow you to make sure that the problem is in the driver for the USB port and not for the specific device you are trying to use.

The last option is to uninstall the USB driver and then reinstall it. Make sure you are able to find the correct driver online before using this method. You can uninstall it by accessing the device manager in the control panel on your PC.

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My USB ports are not working, how can I repair them?


Hi John,

How many USB ports your pc have?

Did you try to use the other ports if it still working or not?

If there still working even a single port I suggest that you buy a USB hub just like this:

But if all USB ports are not working, try to upgrade your operating system from windows XP to windows 7, it has support the latest driver for your hardware even the USB port.

Hope this work



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My USB ports are not working, how can I repair them?


Hi John,

I have experience this issue once. And i tell you i fix it this way.

First copy the registry key below and paste it to notepad and saving it as "USB enable.reg" to your desktop.

Second insert USB and double click "USB enable.reg" at your desktop.

Third unplug the USB and plug it again.

This will help.

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

"DisplayName"="USB Mass Storage Driver"




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