My USB drive has encountered a problem

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Hi TechyV,

My USB drive has encountered a problem on my machine running with Windows XP Service Pack 2.

I have failed to origin a new file on it. Even it does not allow me to copy in the drive. I have alternated several settings regarding the problem but no result. Please help me to get a remedy of this issue.

Thanks for the help.

Unable to create file

Unable to create the file ‘New Text Document .txt’

The media is write protected.

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My USB drive has encountered a problem


Hello Mr. Ellsworth


The media is write protected mean that you only can read from it, not adding anything. There are several cause probability, some of it are :

  1. You do not have permission on the disk to read and write
  2. There is a security software on the USBdrive that protects the data inside, you need to open the software and unlocked it first to allow you to edit the data on the USB drive
  3. There is a virus on the USB drive that change the USB drive permission.

Here are some solution that i can provide :

  1. Scan the USB drive for a virus, and fix it.
  2. Change the permission on the USB drive by open the properties of the USB drive, choose security, and tick the read & write permission.
  3. Reformat the drive partition.

Hope this helps.



Stonjhon Llison

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My USB drive has encountered a problem


You said that your pen drive or your USB drive is write protected. The main cause of this is a virus that has an ability to lock Usb or flash drive or the drive is currently in use with the system and accidentally unplug it during some operation. Because some application locks the usb Drive while they are in use and unlock it again when the application is already done with its operation. Your usb drive is no longer accept or write data on its memory but you can still view the content of it.

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