Windows XP shuts down simultaneously

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All this error started last day and now it is giving me a great trouble. My system is just shutting off randomly. Yesterday my brother was playing a game on computer and it just shut off computer after about 10 minutes.

And since then it is doing the same thing every 10 or 15 minutes. I have tried myself to find the problem but failed. Now anyone here knows the reason then please guide me.

I am using Windows XP, 1.8 GB Processor and 1 GB RAM.

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Windows XP shuts down simultaneously


Power supply excessive heat and bad RAM might be reasons for this error. Try to replace your power supply and also run a test scan for your RAM to see whether any problem with it. Also removing side cover of your system may also help if the error is due to heating up of system.

Also you said that system shut off while playing game. So does your system meet the minimum system requirement for that game? If yes then contact to the manufacturer of that game, may be they can help you out.

Also try running a full virus scan to find if there is any virus causing this problem. Because if fan of your system and motherboard are good then your system might be affected from some virus and I will suggest formatting your hard disk.

There is a free program called PC Wizard which will not only give you complete info about system but will also tells you the temperature of different components of system. There are chances that Thermal Grease of your processor dried out. Simply remove your processor, cleans both of its surfaces and re-apply thermal grease.

Also based on the problem you are saying, I will first suggest you to logon to safe mode and try working under safe mode for about an hour in order to find if the system shuts down under safe mode. Following are the steps below for going to safe mode. (These steps are for Windows XP).

1. Turn on your system.

2. Once the memory count and HDD detection finishes instantly hit F8 key for 3-4 minutes.

3. You will see “Windows Advanced Startup Menu”.

4. Select safe mode option and the option: “Select the OS to logon to” and hit enter key.

5. Select Administrator as your username in the next screen that appears.

Hope this will resolve your issue.

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Windows XP shuts down simultaneously



Try check your mainboard. If your computer is Intel Pentium 4 or Intel Pentium 5 motherboards that has a capacitors near the processor. Check that area you will see a long rectangular shape and circle. That is called capacitor sometimes that semiconductor part causes the computer to automatically shutdown. You have to change a new mainboard if it's available in your country.

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