My Samsung Galaxy S4 reboots at random

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Hello. My Samsung Galaxy S4 has recently developed an annoying habit of self-rebooting at random. It can happen when I am playing games, writing messages, and one time even during a phone call. There is no consistency on what action triggers the reboot.

Are there steps I can take on my own before I send it to be repaired?

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My Samsung Galaxy S4 reboots at random


When your handset restarts from time to time for no reason, one possible cause is a faulty battery. Check how long your battery lasts after a full recharge. If the battery only lasts for several hours after a full charge on normal use without playing a game then the battery could already be leaky.

Normally, when your phone is on standby, it can last for about 1 or 2 days depending on your handset’s specifications and features. I also experience an instance where the phone works when it is on standby but when you start touching the keys or making a call, it will just turn off and then turn on again.

Try turning off your phone, open the back cover then remove the battery. After 5 to 10 minutes, reinstall the battery and then start the phone. Check if the phone restarts again. If it’s the same, try using a different battery. If it doesn’t restart, purchasing a new battery should fix the problem.

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