Is my processor responsible for this?

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I use an old dual core 2GHz processor for my PC.

I play games on Facebook.

Sometimes I even fail in loading the games.

I keep arguing with my service provider that the modem might be defective, but tests prove that wrong.

Can my processor be the real thing responsible for this?

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Is my processor responsible for this?


I don’t think that your processor is the culprit with your Facebook application issue. However, there are instances that you’ll have to check some system requirements that might be slowing your computer’s performance and affecting the loading of your Facebook games. Nevertheless, you may also want to try to uninstall your Adobe Flash Player and reinstall it:

If the issue persists, you may have to contact Facebook ( to check if there might be an issue with that application like system maintenance or heavy online traffic giving other users like you the hard time to connect to their server. 

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Is my processor responsible for this?


Yes, like you said you have an old processor so it's the reason why your computer is not functioning correctly, you should try to replace your processor with a new one, and make sure that it is compatible with the other hardware or on the Motherboard of your computer.

Your old processor is the reason why your computer is not working properly. Old processor will tend to be overused that's why it really needs to be replaced with a brand new processor for your computer.

A new processor will definitely make your computer feels like brand new because it will have a new life that you know will become reliable and you can use for your work or even playing

Make sure that the new processor is branded so that you will have the assurance that it will work accordingly and you will have warranty in case there is a problem on that same processor, you can easily ask for the customer service hotline of the website of the processor that you bought, it will be more expensive than other type of processor but then you will get more advantage of using it because it will last longer than any other processor that you have before.

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