My printer does not work for PDF file

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I am using HP Deskjet 1000 printer. It does not work for PDF file but it works for word document. When I want to print PDF file it shows an message "printer is not available ". But it works for word document. How can I solve this problem?

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My printer does not work for PDF file



Try to print it as an image.

Another solution is to update the driver:

1. Find your printer model number.

2. Go to the manufacturer website and search drivers or printer drivers.

3. Find the correct driver for your model number,

4. Download and install the printer driver.

5. Restart your computer.

Another solution is to try to open a copy of your file and open it on hard drive and try to print it again.

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My printer does not work for PDF file


First of all try to print another PDF file form any site or you’re another PDF file. If another PDF file is printed correctly, then your previous PDF file may be damaged. If a new file is not printing then follow below steps.

1st Solution.

Step1. Fix computer problem first.

1.      Reboot your computer.

2.      After reboot your computers close all of your open application if any application is open automatically during startup.

3.      Now, try to print your PDF file again.

Note: You see your computer has enough free disk space to print PDF file, if it is a large file. The Adobe requires 50% of disk free space of your computer system resource.

If still now your PDF file doesn't print then go to the next steps.

Steps2. Fix printer problems.

1.      Turn off your printer and wait 15 seconds and turn on your printer.

2.      Now, try printing your PDF file again.

Note: Adobe recommends for printing 300dpi 2MB RAM, and for 600dpi needed RAM 4-6.

You can check it from the HP website, go to the HP website and give your product name in product box then type “specifications” in the Questions or Keywords box.  

Note: If you try to print your PDF file from jump drive, pen drive, CD, DVD then please copy it in your hard drive and try to print again. If your printer is networked with other computer then try it to printing from another computer.
2nd Solution

If you can find out that the problem in restricted a specific PDF file, then follow these steps.  

Step1. Try to print the PDF as an image.

1.      Open your PDF file.

2.      Click on file then click on Print

3.      Click on the Advance, here you select Print as Image check box. If you need change another setting if you want and then click on OK.

4.      And then print it.

Note: If the above steps are not working then download your PDF file again and try to print, if you download from any site or from your email or so on.
3rd Solution

Download latest Adobe reader or upgrade. Install update driver software of your HP printer. First uninstall your printer driver, remember when you uninstall your printer driver unplug the cable from your computer and after uninstalled plugged your printer cable into your computer and install the latest version of your HP printer driver software.

Thank you.

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