My pc doesn’t sound, How can I solve it?

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Hey buddies,

Hope all are quite well. I'm used to using a desktop PC. Today I am getting a lot of problems, with my sound advice of the PC. My PC has a built in device. It was working well till last night. But today when I started my PC, I noticed my speakers were not sounding. First time I thought it may be the problem of my PC speakers.
Because these speakers are too old. Then I checked them with my CD player. They were perfectly sounding. Then I became sure of that there must be a problem in my PC and guessed this problem as a viral effect.
To clean the viral effects I possessed a reinstalling of Windows XP in my computer and installed the sound driver properly. But I got the problem still in my computer. So I became determined of that there must a problem in my motherboard.
I am sure, it may be something else. Can anybody help me in this problem? I am failing in finding out the root of this problem. If any of the friends here ever experienced this problem, please give me a solution. One more thing, I want to have some knowledge about the quality and using facility of USB sound devices.
Thank you very much.
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My pc doesn’t sound, How can I solve it?


Hi Brown,

As per experience in checking and fixing this issue, check if the wires are connected properly. Volume on your speaker and in your computer is turned up. Lastly go to Control panel > System. From there, choose the ‘hardware’ tab in the window and click on the ‘Device Manager’ button.
Check if your sound stuff are installed there or if anything is wrong. If it is, the you might need to reinstall your sound card driver stuff. If you have Windows XP, go to “Start”–>”Control Panel”–> “Sound and Audio Devices” make sure nothing is muted, under “Advanced” speaker control. Make sure your set up is correct.
Last option on this:
Uninstall and reinstall your sound card software. If still doesn't it needs to be replaced. Hope this works.
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My pc doesn’t sound, How can I solve it?


Hey Brown,

Well the problem you're facing with your computer and not getting any sound from it, is a common problem faced by most of the users. Since your problem started from last night, there must be something wrong with your sound card from last use. Although this kind of problem should not occur. Well here I’m giving you some of the possible solutions that might be helpful to you.
1. First of all you need see whether your computer is detecting your sound card from last use. As you said you have a sound card. Go to Start > Control Panel > System and Maintenance > Device Manager. Expand the Sound, video and game controller’s category. If your sound card is listed then you have a sound card. If not then sound card is missing.
2. Your need to know if your driver software is installed properly in your computer after the last setup. For that go to Start > Control Panel > add Hardware not click next, so the computer will start scanning for installed hardware. Now you should see a icon. Then you need to install the driver software. It may work for you.
3. Uninstall your sound card driver software and install another one. But try not to download the latest version of your device software. Because most of the time the latest software doesn’t go with the old sound card. So the sound card in that computer may not recognize the latest version software.
4. You have to make sure your speakers are plugged into a working power source and the switch is turned on. After adjusting them both you should hear the sound.
5. See if, you’re speaker is correctly connected to your computer. If the jack of the speaker are put into the right port of the computer.
6. Make sure the Volume manager is not put into mute. Please check other volume settings to see if any of them are put into mute. For that go to Start menu > Accessories > Volume Control and adjust the system volume control to see if it works or not.
7. If still you’re not able to get the sound. Then disconnect your speaker from your computer, play some songs or something else to see if any sound comes from your boom box or not.
8. See if after the last use of your computer any heavy things fell on your computer or not. I know it's a funny guess but still anything can cause such kind of problem. So ask out others members if they know something.
9. If all the solutions don’t help you out, then you may be required to show the computer to an expert for solution. Because seeing it physically would be easier to understand what’s going on.
Try them out. Hope for the best.
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My pc doesn’t sound, How can I solve it?


Dear Brown,

Dear I hope you have disabled your sound or you did it mute.

Please type this command in RUN “sndvol32” it will open sound manager. See if there any sound volume is muted. If you find then un mute it.

If the problem remains same, then open device manager.

And see that the sound device is installed properly.

I hope you have not installed the sound driver.

Kindly note the model of your hardware and open the following website.

Search device’s model here. Download the driver and enjoy.


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