My PC Administrator Password And Cannot Log Into Windows.

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computers store a lot of important documents. They have become an essential part of our life. Internet, word, excels, YouTube, social media all work on a computer. What to do if i forgot my computer administrator password and cannot access my PC?

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My PC Administrator Password And Cannot Log Into Windows.




  • Restart your computer and when you see the login screen press Ctrl + Alt + Del.
  • This will redirect you to the classic login box.

2) Type administrator and keep the password empty.

3) Reset your account by going to the control panel -> user accounts.


  • Go to start menu and search for command prompt.
  • Run the command net user.
  • All the users of Windows will be listed.
  • Type net user username password 

This will change the user account password.

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My PC Administrator Password And Cannot Log Into Windows.


If you forgot the password of your user account and you cannot log in to your computer, you can reset or delete the password using the default or built-in “Administrator” account. Unfortunately, this account was hidden automatically after you created your own admin account. To access this user account again, you can go to Safe Mode. Restart your computer then press F8 before the Windows logo appears.

In “Advanced Boot Options” screen, select “Safe Mode” then hit Enter. In the login screen, select the “Administrator” account to log in. Once you are logged in, click “Start”, “All Programs”, “Accessories” then “Command Prompt”. In the command prompt window, type without quotes “net user [username] [new password]” then hit Enter.

Replace “[username]” with your username or the user account you want to remove the password and “[new password]” with the new password you want to use or don’t enter a password to delete the existing password. If the target username contains a space, enclose the username with quotes like this:

  • net user “[user name]” [new password]

After this, restart the computer and boot normally. See if you can now log in to your account.

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