My monitor keeps on turning off after few minutes

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This keeps on distracting me. I have Samsung T24C350AR LED TV Monitor 24". Been using it for a very long time. Recently while working I have to turn off and on my desktop or reboot it for couple times in one day. Now the monitor keeps on turning off by itself so often that it delays me to finish my work. There’s nothing wrong with my desktop because I can still see light in the power indicator. What could be causing this issue? Can you help me resolve this? Please provide me steps on how to resolve this.

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My monitor keeps on turning off after few minutes

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Actually, there are few steps that you can try yourself,
  • As the first step, verify if there is a proper connection of the power cable & ROM and check if the problem is solved.
  • If no, scan the system for viral attacks since it can also cause this issue.
  • Also you can try connecting another monitor. If the issue continues, there might be a problem in power, system board or display.
  • If the other monitor did not have the issue, there may be a problem with the capacitors. So, try minimizing the brightness to the least level possible.
  • If this also proves to be useless, check if the capacitors are having round tops instead of the flat ones which hint that you would have to go for a replacement.

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