My Internet Explorer Suddenly Closes

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Hello there everyone.

I don't know what happened to my Internet Explorer.

Every time I opened it up and type in the URL box portion, it suddenly closes.

Is there something wrong on my browser or is it on my laptop?

I need help on this.


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My Internet Explorer Suddenly Closes



Well, what you are experiencing could be caused by a lot of reasons, and it also basically depends on the version of internet explorer. You see, there are versions of internet explorer which simply closes because of some bugs. Anyway, we will just do any means to troubleshoot your internet explorer since you did not state the version. Anyway, here are some ways:

Solution 1:

A certain plug-in in your internet explorer must be causing this problem. To find it out, try opening your internet explorer, and it should be without its plug-in. If you can access your internet explorer without any problem, then it must be because of your plug-ins. Try to manage your plug-ins, and settings. To manage add-ons or plug-ins. Just simply go to tools, and then manage add-ons. To reset your settings, just go to tools again, and then click internet options. In the advance tab, click Reset. That should probably work.

Solution 2:

Install the latest drivers and updates. Whenever there is a problem, always check your drives and updates.

Hope it helps.

Mathew Joni

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