My Facebook chat is not working

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Today when I log in my Facebook account, it shows an error message that my Facebook chat is unavailable.

This is the first time I receive an error like this. I don't know how to fix this.

Friends any idea about this ?

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My Facebook chat is not working


Don't worry friend

Its a common and simple problem. If you use Eng(USA), you may change Eng(UK) then you go your profile.

There is a message that ''would you like to switch to Eng(UK)'' say yes and it is done.

N.B: Facebook say, ''Chat is unavailable as we work quickly to fix a bug reported to us.

It should return to normal soon''

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My Facebook chat is not working


Reasons Why Your Facebook Chat is Not Working

1. The Facebook Chat Server Is Down Unfortunately, as much as we like to think that Facebook server are 100% stable, they’re not. Over the past two years, Facebook chat has been down half a dozen times. Therefore, it may be worth checking with  a friend as to whether they can access Facebook chat before you investigate further if you don’t think anything has changed. Alternatively, check back at Facebook in a few hours.”
2. Facebook Is Blocked By Your Employer/At School Facebook and Facebook chat run off two different connections domain servers. As such, it’s possible for an employer/school to block Facebook but not Facebook chat, vice versa – or both. If you’re using Facebook at school/employer it may be worth checking with your school/employer before investigating further.”
3. Facebook Is Banned In Your Country Facebook is a medium of free speech. As such, from time to time it gets blocked by governments – or slowed down by internet service providers to serve a political agenda. Often this information isn’t well publicized. Consider using a Virtual Private Server or Proxy to bypass this problem.”
4. You’re Using An Old Script To Modify Facebook Chat There are various scripts and utilities out there that modify Facebook or Facebook chat in your browser to make it look like it used to, or more desirable in a particular way. However, they tend to not be very robust. As such, if Facebook updates their code in a very minor way these tools stop working and disable your Facebook chat. If you have one of these tools installed in your browser try disabling it or uninstalling it. 7. You’ve Blocked Your Facebook Friends Facebook provides the advanced functionality to be able to block, by group, your friends. It’s possible you’ve used this accidentally or deliberately to block someone, and accidentally included other friends (or all your Friends) in this group.”
5. You’re Using a Facebook Chat Tool And An Update Has Occurred Unfortunately, from time to time Facebook makes significant changes in their code base and Facebook tools need to be updated. For example, every so often we are required to force users of our Facebook messenger application to update because Facebook requires us to. Check your favorite Facebook windows tool to see if an update is available. If there is, then update it and it’ll probably start working again. Daniel Offer owns and runs the Facebook messaging software Chit Chat. Chit Chat is a Facebook login tool that makes it easy to chat with Facebook on your Windows desktop.”
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My Facebook chat is not working


This is a temporary bug from Facebook but they are continuously working on it.

– You can also try to check on your internet connection if it's properly connected or if the status is stable. This is sometimes a common reason why we encounter such error.

– Facebook chat usually received this error when using IE 9, try changing your browser and migrate to Mozilla or Chrome.

– It could also be the Facebook server is currently down. If this is the case, try connecting again after few hours.

– Check if Facebook is banned on your network. Either on school, office or home.

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