My email keep sending mails to my contacts

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My email account in Hotmail keep sending ads to all my contacts and to people I don't really know. I did not send anything to anyone. I am receiving hundreds of  delivery status notification.  The emails consist of some characters which I cannot understand.

I am using Mozilla Firefox as my primary browser. I don't think that my account has been compromised or been used by spammers. I am very careful on giving out my personal information. And I am the only user of my computer. I scanned my computer for any malware, spyware or any other forms of viruses, Trojan or Bot. But there are no errors found, or maybe the virus is too strong to be detected especially if I am using a free and unregistered versions of antivirus. How do I stop my Hotmail account from sending erroneous messages?

Email error

I can't send any personal messages due to I've already exceeded my account daily limit.  I copied all my contacts then delete them to my contact list to avoid sending unwanted messages.

How can I get rid of this? Is there a free downloadable version of an efficient anti virus?

My operating system is Windows Vista Home Premium Service Pack 2.

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My email keep sending mails to my contacts


Hello there,

First of all you cannot stop hotmail from sending email to your contacts. Its something you've signed into with you username and password and allowed them to do this. Don't worry its not virus as you first think of it. You can't stop it as you've agreed there terms and conditions which states we use your emails to send emails.

Show below are the procedure for the solution and I hope it will work.

1. Change the password of your account and if the problem still exist then,

2. First if you can afford to get another brand new account in hotmail, and watch what you're inserting your password into. Good Luck.



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My email keep sending mails to my contacts


Hi there, I believe your computer WAS somehow infected by a spyware. It stole your email information such as your username and your password. Now they're using it to spam the people on your contact. To fix it,

1. Make sure your computer is free of spyware, try different antispyware programs. If none of the programs found any, then maybe your information was stolen when you logged into your email in a different computer (work, maybe?)

2. After your computer is clean, try to change your email password, hopefully they (the spammer) haven't changed it.

3. If, in the worst case, it has been changed, contact Hotmail's customer service. My coworker had the same problem, and usually they will assist you to solve your problem.

I hope it solves the problem:)

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My email keep sending mails to my contacts


Well it is really a spyware. I scanned the whole system using anti spyware then delete all virus. I also called for Hotmail staff's assistance and change my password for security. Thanks a lot for the help.

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