My DSL modem has not been reinstalled?

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This is major problem for me, please help me as soon as possible.

The problem which I am facing is, that I have DSL modem named Alcatel Lucent 20a and I want to reinstall the modem. So when I try to reinstall the DSL, the computer gave the error that I already have it installed and I have to upgrade the software. 

So first the computer says that, I should remove the current software and then set it up again. But I already removed the DSL from the add remove programs.  
So please send me the solution, to reinstall the DSL in my computer and start to gain access to the Internet.

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My DSL modem has not been reinstalled?


Open your windows control panel and on the device manager select, add or remove any listed programs for your modem. Select Add/Remove hardware and select uninstall or unplug a device select the modem on the next dialog. Select phones and modems from the control panel. Select the modem's tab and select the modem. Click on the Remove button. Then select the advanced tab and under providers locate the TAPI driver specifically install by your device do not delete the TAPI.

Remember to shut down your computer after all this process.

If you find out that it still doesn't work out after this, try to reinstall your drivers. If still it does not work for you, then refresh to see whether the computer is sensing the presence of the modem.  If it can recognize a present hardware then patiently reinstall.

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My DSL modem has not been reinstalled?


Based on the scenario, posted in your account – you might be using a DSL modem with the use of USB connection. USB connection uses USB installer to welcome new hardware installed and your computer detects this new added device.

If USB is what you are using to install your DSL connection, then you need to have specific DLS modem's USB driver. This is provided by your Internet Service Provider and most USB drivers are not compatible with Windows 7.

Run the CD USB driver and insert it into your computer's CD drive. You'll need to update the new driver and follow the installation wizard. This should let the USB driver installed and your computer should be ready enough and compatible to any type of DLS modems you have.

However, best advise is to use Ethernet cord. If your Internet Service Provider uses DHCP or Automatic Configuration then, it should be a plug and play type of network.

But if it's on PPPOE, you'll need to run the CD install and set your own username and password. After you get pass the page where it needs you to create an email address and password, the DSL modem should authenticate to the network and you should have Internet access right after.

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