My Computer System is Black Out

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Computer System Black Out.

My computer turns Black Out unexpectedly.

No beep sounds during power on. Power LED indicates that the board was powered. Hard Disk Drive LED indicator shows fast blinking lights which indicate that there is an activity on the Hard Disk Drive.

Pressing the Power Button and Reset key will do nothing. Monitor is good.

Before this happened, I have moved the computer into another place.

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My Computer System is Black Out


Hi Yolly,

Basically yours is a hardware problem which occurs due to two reasons,

  1. As you mentioned that your systems place was changed, it might be disturbed with its connections in the switch mode power supply(smps) cabin internally.
  2. The new power supply conditions might not be suitable for your monitor, the fluctuations in the power supply might effect the low power ratings of your monitor so its getting black out with out any reason or sound.


  1. Check out for loose connections.
  2. Use an uninterrupted power supply (UPS) for protecting your system from fluctuations.
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My Computer System is Black Out



There are many reason why these kind of problem occurred during in our work time. Now you can fix this kind of problem..

steps to be follow:

  1. The transistor of Power Supply is weak.. please remove the old power supply and change new Power Supply just use 500 watts.
  2. Check and clean the micro Processor by using small paint brass to remove the dust.
  3. Check the video card and clean the Pin by using eraser.
  4. Check the memory card and clean the pin by using eraser also.


  • Please Don’t touch the pin of the micro processor to avoid damage. If the pin is built-in on the motherboard? Please don’t touch the pin.
  • If the issue will not resolve consult that to Computer Technician in your place.

Thank you,

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