My computer is slow. please help

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I have a desktop. It is very slow. What can I do?

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My computer is slow. please help



Ensure that there is enough free space in your hard disk. If not so you can delete some un-Requires files from your hard disk. On the other hand slow speed is caused by the bad or  corrupted files. If so remove the bad or corrupted files. Make sure that your computer is over heated. If your operating system software is corrupted or missing files it may cause the bad performance of your computer. At last you can see your hardware may be not work properly. If so you can replace the bad hardware immediately. Make sure windows is updated and anti various software is unto date but the main thing is that you have to update your hardware like ram.

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My computer is slow. please help


Hello Ripon,

To make your desktop faster, you have to clear it of any unused shortcuts and programs. Another thing that you should do is run the disk clean up utility to clear any programs and files that may be taking up space on your computer. To run disk clean up, use the following procedure:

  • Click on start and then type disk clean up in the blank search box.
  • Press enter to open disk clean up.
  • Choose the primary hard drive as the location to clean up.
  • Choose the files that you will want to clear by checking them.
  • Click OK when you are done.
  • Wait for the clean up to finish.

Another thing that you should do is to upgrade the RAM of your computer.


Lee Hung

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My computer is slow. please help


Do some system restore of reformat your computers are the best way to make use of your computer's speed and performance.

This put your computer back to it's original states. Clear all history of yoru browser, clean all unnecessary saved program and files. Remove any possible virus infections and malware bytes.

To Start button and StartSearch
Type System Restore and it'll display the search results
Click on System REstore and type your Administrator password
Follow the steps to do system restore, a wizard will guide you through the steps.

You can also use the CD installer provided by your computer manufacturer.

Insert the CD to the CD Rom and press the key to continue
Choose and select the following Language to install, Time and currency format, Keyboard or input method
click on Repair your computer then it'll run the repair software
Click on System restore and do click the next button
Choose the system restore point that you prefer to use.

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