My computer is not restoring my installations

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After reinstalling Windows XP on my computer, I installed several programs over a period of time. However, when I tried to check the System Restore, I found no records regarding the recent installations in my computer. There were no highlighted dates in the calendar and I could not even select the previous month. I double checked whether the System Restore is monitoring my system but found no problems at all. I also tried disabling the System Restore and then restarting the computer before enabling it again but still nothing happened. I would like to know what may be wrong and how do I can fix it.



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My computer is not restoring my installations



The problem you are facing that occurs, when you missing system file or the system file becomes corrupted. It can happen for two reasons. One is inappropriate installation of Operating system. If that happens then this type of problem occurs. And second problem is virus attack. If virus attacks then you can use antivirus. But no other antivirus will work except Norton. But if the first thing happens then there is no alternate than reinstalling windows. Hope you will able to reinstall you Operating System .If you can’t then you can flow our other question answer on Installing Operating System.

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