My computer is “low on resources”…

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When i am trying to download, an error message is coming and it is "low on resources". Why is this error message coming? How can i prevent that?

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My computer is “low on resources”…


Errors stating that your resource is insufficient or not enough occur when Windows found out that there is not enough system resources available to perform any of your desired option like downloading. This could be due to a program that is called “leaks resources”. It is something that does not allow your computer to release its system resources. The symptoms are as follows:

  • Your system starts to lag after your run and then quit one or more programs
  • Your mouse pointer starts to act strange
  • Your windows start to lose the content and colors
  • All programs you try to open comes up with error messages
  • All programs you are able to open are interrupted with “Illegal Operation” messages
  • The screen freezes

To have this resolve you can restart your computer which will allow all of your system resources to become available.

Note: Do not quit a program once you started it as it will also cause your system to lose its resources. Please wait for the said program to finish loading before quitting it if you need to. Also, it would be helpful if you will wait for one program to be fully executed before opening another.

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My computer is “low on resources”…


When you receive “low on resources” on your computer, the problem usually points to the memory both the physical memory and the virtual memory. If that message appears when you are downloading, check if you have other programs running besides your web browser.

Normally, browsers already consume big memory and if other programs are also running on the side, there will be less memory available for use. There is normally no problem if you have less physical RAM because it can be worked out by your virtual memory though the virtual memory is not a replacement for your computer’s memory. It only helps balance the load on the computer.

You normally receive that message if your computer has a small amount of RAM and the operating system’s virtual memory is already at its peak. The only workaround for that is to increase the amount of virtual memory. To do that, right-click “My Computer” and select “Properties”. Select “Advanced” tab and click “Settings” under “Performance” section.


In “Performance Options”, select “Advanced” tab and click “Change” under “Virtual memory” section.


In “Virtual Memory”, select “Custom size” then increase the value for “Initial size” and “Maximum size”. Try adding 1000 to the values to add 1 GB to your virtual memory. Make both amounts the same to avoid getting your page file too fragmented. After entering the new values, click “Set” and then “OK”.


Restart your computer if required then see if this works. Another way of fixing it is to add more RAM to your computer.

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