My computer doesn’t resume after power is off?

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I have a laptop which i just bought recently. When the power is off without I realizing; i mean before I plug in the power, my computer does not resume to the previous work I was doing before the power went off. For the browsers they restore, but for the rest of the other programs and applications they don't. I would like to know what's the problem and rectify it.

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My computer doesn’t resume after power is off?



(Assuming You have Windows XP).

First of All, please ensure that your hibernate option is enabled in:

Control Panel > Power Options > Hibernate Tab.

Also, Please check the alarms are active when the battery is critically low.

Alarms Tab.

Also, Make sure on the Alarms Action Tab > Force Standby / Shutdown is enabled and the drop down option is set to hibernate.

Windows 7.

Control Panel > Power Options > Change how the computer sleeps.

Select and then select advanced power settings.

Look for Sleep and expand it and turn hybrid sleep to OFF.

After that, go to start menu type cmd and press shift+alt+Enter and type in

powercfg /hibernate on.

That's it you have successfully enabled hibernate.

Now, go to advanced power settings and power options again.

Look for battery > expand it and then set the options on low battery level to hibernate etc.

Hope that helps.


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My computer doesn’t resume after power is off?


Hi Kioko Victor,

This problem may arise due to the low battery of the laptop, that's why after switching to the stand by or hibernation laptop may went completely off that's why while you are not using your laptop shift it's on hibernation so that your laptop's battery could be saved and by shifting your laptop to hibernation your existing using programs will remain on desktop so that you can work by next time with convenience.


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