My Computer can’t detect speakers and Ethernet cable.

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Hi I am using now a windows 7 ultimate 64bit (after rebooting),and when I install the speakers and Ethernet Cable it seems that my computer can't detect it.

I have tried reinstalling the drivers for sound and LAN as the sound card is built in to the motherboard. But still have the same scenario and Device manager shows no faults.

I have checked always the cable and speakers and they are all fine so I really don't know what the problem is. 

Will my pc need to be formatted again?



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My Computer can’t detect speakers and Ethernet cable.



There may be problem with your built in sound card. However, use Contact Cleaner Spray to remove dust from sound card slot and from its golden pin as well as motherboard. Take extra care while installing the sound card. Do not leave it loose. Use appropriate driver while installing sound card to your computer. However the drivers offered with your Windows are the perfect.

You can replace the sound card with another computer to check its performance. You can also replace the sound card with a good one. If there is a problem with the sound card you can change it.  

I hope you understand it.


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