My Blackberry Curve keeps restarting

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My phone started rebooting after I installed a game. And after that, It just keeps restarting. After I turn it on, it loads, it pauses for some time, and then it reboots. It just keeps repeating the cycle.

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My Blackberry Curve keeps restarting



Hi Pacey de Belen,

 Well, there are a lot of possible reasons that could have caused this problem, and most of these reasons are unknown though some are branded to be the cause of this problem. It is happening also to most blackberry users. Well, it could be caused by too much memory usage, or some phone or system setting. Regardless of the reason, here are a number of alternatives you can do to avoid the problem.

Solution 1

Free up some memory space in your Black Berry Phone. Too much memory usage might have caused this.

Solution 2

Upgrade the firmware of your Black Berry Phone. It might me too outdated; thus, it cannot comprehend new errors.

Solution 3

It must be best to bring it to its nearest manufacturer’s service center. Better yet replace it in their service center.

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My Blackberry Curve keeps restarting


First of all, the possible reason is you do not have enough space on your device when you installed the new game. Try to free some space and check if it will fix the problem. Other possible solutions are:

1. Wiping your device.

2. Upgrade your OS version.

3. Download a Quickpull; its an app that reset to have more available memory and increase your phone's performance. You can set it to Daily or Weekly. I suggest that you set it Daily.

4. Check your battery too, maybe it's defective.

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