My laptop is taking time to shut down and to start up

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Dear All,

I've recently purchased a acer laptop with Core i 5 processor. It comes with original windows 7.My problem is whenever I'm going to start it takes a long time and also while I'm going to shut down my computer is always shows me with a message window is updating don't shut down your computer. I patiently wait for the updating of my windows 7 but it seems to me it takes 3 hrs but there was no progress then I just shut down it.Now I can't work properly.

What should I do. I’m working for a marketing company and have got many information in my laptop please someone help me to get rid of it.




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My laptop is taking time to shut down and to start up


Hi Sam,

I've read your message. It’s really embarrassing to face like this situation. I can understand what you are facing. Thing is The laptop which you purchased it's from acer brand, If I guess not more then 3 months you have bought it.

In this situation you have follow my instruction and do as per my instruction given.

I'm not sure whether you are technically sound or not. What you have to do to disclose your laptop and take of your RAM as you mentioned your laptop is core i 3 then must be your RAM is 4GB.take off the RAM and the inset it again properly into the RAM slot. After that, turn on your laptop be sure your laptop is connected with the power source. I hope now your computer will be open quickly.

If you see no progress then let the laptop open what ever time it needs after opening your laptop then after few minutes just shut down your laptop and let the update of computer finished doesn't matter what the time it takes.

Hope after completely updates your OS then you can work with it smoothly.


Take care


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My laptop is taking time to shut down and to start up


Hello Sam,

                       One of the solutions that i can think of is to check out the updates history in your updates settings. It will list the previous updates of your system and will also let you know, what updates have been left. You can then manually uninstall or opt-out of these updates consequently freeing up system from the obligation of downloading them. If that doesn't work for you, you should back up your data and try to install a clean copy of windows. You can also check your internet speed and ensure that it is sufficient to download all updates. Check the size of updates and calculate how long should it take with your internet speed to finish download and installation. 

I hope that was helpful.


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