Must-Buy Accessories for Samsung Galaxy S III

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No doubt, Samsung Galaxy III is one of the hottest Android phones out in the market.  Assuming that you bought one already or you are thinking of getting one sooner or later, how can you maximize the use of this Android phone?  What are the must-buy accessories?

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Must-Buy Accessories for Samsung Galaxy S III


A friend  of mine bought a Samsung Slate 7 tablet last month and he encounter like your problem. He said that Windows 7 does not work well with touch control. When the pen (Wacom Digitiser) is not working, you will just press the screen rotation lock button, after pressing the screen, then it will back to normal. You can use now your pen.

Another solution: Check the battery of your pen (Wacom). The pen is operated with battery – Digital/Wacom pen He said that this tablet is a nice and has a good quality which a big help in his work.

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Must-Buy Accessories for Samsung Galaxy S III



Yes Samsung Galaxy S3 is one of the best phone of its time. And its smart technologies are amazing. Apart from performance, if you go for style, then you will probably want different accessories. Yes it has many in its collections from a large variety. And you can get them in reasonable prices.

WiQiQi Wireless charger – 45$

It is the easiest way to charge your S3. Just put it in the charging mat and it will flow the juice. Quite easy and useful.

Gameklip – 20$

You will only need the Sony PS3 dual shock 3 controller to take the advantage. It will allow you to connect the controller with you S3. It also supports wireless connectivity.


Logitech tablet keyboard – 70$

It is a Bluetooth keyboard with all the advantages you can take with a keyboard. You can use this to type and do anything you do in a normal pc. 


S3 C Pen – 30$

If you want to take the advantage of the big screen, this gadget is for you. Feel like an artist and writer. This is almost same like Note stylus. It gives more precision than fingertips.


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