Multiple operations have reported errors.

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Hello Everyone,

I get this error in myeclipse. Every time when I open it.

Can anyone resolve this for me?

Thanks in advance.

Multiple errors have occurred

Multiple operations have reported errors. Select an error to view its details.

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Multiple operations have reported errors.




The problem is with your myeclipse. The first solution is to uninstall the program and download it again From a reliable web site Which is bug free. And start installing with the help of experts. The other one solution is to update through the internet. Follow these instructions to update your myeclipse.

1. Turn off your myeclipse.

2. Find my eclipse installation path example. A: program files my eclipse 6.6 configuration org. eclipses. update and there will be last one .Config file removes it

3. Restart your myeclipse now.

Hope it will solve your problem.

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